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BBTBPMCP2             PMC (99.9) Pendant Ruby
ONE OF A KIND!  PMC - 99.9 Precious Metal Clay;  Beautiful styled stamped pendant with ..
BBTBPMCP4         PMC (99.9) Pendant - Pinapple
ONE OF A KIND!  PMC (99.9 Precious Metal Clay)  Pendant by the sea theme, hand textured..
BBTBPMCP1              PMC Pendant - Peridot
ONE OF A KIND! (PMC - 99.9 - Precious Metal Clay)  This beautiful stamped pendant, great for..
BBTBPMCCP        PMC (99.9) Century Pendant - Ruby
ONE OF A KIND - PMC (99.9 precious metal clay):  This gourgeous pendant has a layered design..

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