1, 2  and 3 strands bracelets created in many different colors and tones.  

Wrap bracelets in leather and strung silver, metal and beads.  Bangle bracelets with a flare.

Cuffs made in different widths and color choices.  c

Charms and colors are availible by pre-orders.


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BBTBMB200             Olive Sea
Cultured olive pearls, peridot, green aventurine, faceted firepolish beads, picasso druk beads an..
B137        Turquoise Wrap
Wrapped Sterling silver plated beads and spacers with turquoise beads in three strands.   ..
BBTBMB197             Classy - Charcoal
Seven row bracelet featuring Montana Bule Swarovski crystals with charcoal glass cubes and seed b..
BBTBMB198             Classy - Gold Bracelet
Seven row bracelet featuring Gold Swarovski crystals with gold Cezch glass cubes and seed beads. ..
" Bricks A Million"  March 11, 2017  (12:30pm - 2:30pm)
Class Description:  Create this beautiful bracelet for all ocasions.  Using Bricks and ..
BBTBMBL114            "Turquoise Leather Bracelet"
Leather beaded bracelet, using turquoise accent beads.  Antique Brass closure and spacers. ..
BBTBMB113                       "Earth Gems Leather Wrap"
Rondell cut czech glass beads, firepolish and pyrite stones come together to make this stunning 5..
BBTBMBL113             " Peyote Autumn Leather Bracelet"
Peyote beaded leather bracelet, colored with the sunrise.  Brass spacers and magnetic clasp...
BBTBMBL123             " Peyote Blue Ice Leather Bracelet"
Peyote beaded leather bracelet, blue ice.  Silver spacers and magnetic clasp. 7" length ..
This is a gorgeous handmade five row wrap bracelet. Made with 6mm turquoise picassso czech glass ..
" Chili Flare Bracelet"     March 29, 2017   (1:00pm - 3:00pm)
Class Description:  Make it today and wear it tonight!  This amazing bracelet uses bric..

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