1, 2  and 3 strands bracelets created in many different colors and tones.  

Wrap bracelets in leather and strung silver, metal and beads.  Bangle bracelets with a flare.

Cuffs made in different widths and color choices.  c

Charms and colors are availible by pre-orders.


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B171            Earthy Wrap
Miyuki earthtone large seed beads, evenly spaced with copper closed jump rings and  wraps th..
B186           Simply Black
Licorice leather simply closes with a pewter magnitic clasp. ..
BBTBMBL171            Simple Pearls
Glass smoke grey pearls, lined up with sterling silver plated beads make this everyday 3 wrap lea..
BBTBMD104                                     " Lavender Path"
Lavendar crystals, seed beads take a walk together along this beautiful path.  Bracelet for ..
B130          Anytime Crystals
Swarovski crstyals and sterling silver beads make this charming bracelet.   Sterling sil..
B133              Everywhere Gold
Rich goldtone beads, fresh water pearls together in a 3 strand bracelet. Goldtone toggle clos..
B136          Yellow Mellow
Sterling silver plated beads and spacers greet an aray of yellow beads in this 3 strand bracelet...
B139            Three Purple Strand
Three Strands of sterling plated silver and purple beads. Silver plated toggle closure MA..
B162            Morning Dew Bracelet
Three strands of silver, bicone, silver spacers and Hematite beads. Silver Plated toggle clas..
BBTBMBL04                Just Enough Flower
Red leather kissed with a silver flower.   71/2 length.   Sterling Silver Plate magneti..
BBTBMBL05                   Dress Me Up Or Down Leather
Black leather doubled up with cup chain making a statement for any occasion. 71/2" length. &nbs..
BBTBMBL06                  Sparkle Brown
Brown leather doubled laced with cup chain making a statement for any occasion. 71/2" length. &..
BBTBMBL08                         Wild Love
Brown leopard leather, antique brass love knot makes for a wild love affair bracelet on any occas..
BBTBMD101                             "Spring Flowers"
Spring colors using Super Duo beads makes for this garden of spring flower bracelet.   Sil..
BBTB115                                  "Crystals In Spring"
Swarovski yellow and pink crystals come together using seed beads to creat this any occasion for ..

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