1, 2  and 3 strands bracelets created in many different colors and tones.  

Wrap bracelets in leather and strung silver, metal and beads.  




BBTBMBL01                Plum Sparkle

BBTBMBL01 Plum Sparkle

Plum leather laced with cup chain make for a big bling.  81/2" length.   Sterling Silver P..


BBTBMBL09               Amber Flower

BBTBMBL09 Amber Flower

Dark brown leather surrounded by amber crystals centered by antique brass flower clasp. Antique br..


BBTBMBL04                Just Enough Flower

BBTBMBL04 Just Enough Flower

Red leather kissed with a silver flower.   71/2 length.   Sterling Silver Plate magnetic c..


BBTBMBL05                   Dress Me Up Or Down Leather

BBTBMBL05 Dress Me Up Or Down Leather

Black leather doubled up with cup chain making a statement for any occasion. 71/2" length.  S..


BBTBMBL06                  Sparkle Brown

BBTBMBL06 Sparkle Brown

Brown leather doubled laced with cup chain making a statement for any occasion. 71/2" length. &nbs..


BBTBMBL08                         Wild Love

BBTBMBL08 Wild Love

Brown leopard leather, antique brass love knot makes for a wild love affair bracelet on any occasion..


BBBTMB295             Colorado Bracelet

BBBTMB295 Colorado Bracelet

Tila, SuperDuo beads, embellished with Swarovski or Fire-polish crystals create this gorgeous everda..


BBTBMBL186           "Simply Black"

BBTBMBL186 "Simply Black"

Licorice leather simply closes with a pewter magnitic clasp with added design for everyday celebrati..


BBTBMBL171            Simple Pearls

BBTBMBL171 Simple Pearls

Glass smoke grey pearls, lined up with sterling silver plated beads make this everyday 3 wrap leathe..


B126          Silver Solution

B126 Silver Solution

Sterling silver plated imprinted beads: link a selection of black and sterling silver plated beads f..


B138       Clear Green

B138 Clear Green

Glass beads, connect with sterling plated silver spacers, beads and Swarovski Elements Silver pl..


BBTBB129          Beaded Wrap

BBTBB129 Beaded Wrap

Black and sterling silver plated beads gathered together with a silver imprinted curved sterling sil..


BBTBMBL10                    Image In Red

BBTBMBL10 Image In Red

Red leather Sterling silver plated spacers and ceramic beads set the tone for this any occasion leat..


BBTBMBL11                      Maroon Dazzle

BBTBMBL11 Maroon Dazzle

Black leather surrounded by ceramic beads and silver plated spacer with bling. Sterling silver pla..


BBTBMBL12                    Apple Blossom

BBTBMBL12 Apple Blossom

Black leather, ceramic beads Sterling silver plated spacers create this any occasion bracelet. Ste..


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